Intel Core i5 750 Review

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Posted: 7 years 6 weeks ago

The introduction of the Core i7 range of processors late last year was the beginning of the Nehalem family. The processors have had a mixed reception and it is fair to say that although the new series has been impressive performance wise, the pricing was and still is too much for many users. After all, the LGA1366 socket requires not only the processor but also an X58 motherboard and triple channel DDR3 memory.

The Core i5’s aim is to offer what the i7’s couldn’t – an affordable mid-range CPU. The C2D and Pentium processors still make up a significant amount of the market but the Nehalem micro-architecture is expected to take over gradually.

As a rule of thumb, the i7 series is high-end intended for hardcore enthusiasts, Core i5 is mid ranged with the Core i3’s (yet to be released) aimed at entry level customers. Without further ado, let’s take a better look at the CPU on offer today. Introducing the Core i5 750.




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