Nigerian politician pledges to end scams

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Source: Fudzilla - Read the full article
Posted: 7 years 7 weeks ago

A top Nigerian official has decided to end the stain on his countries overseas reputation by breaking the scam gang's power for good.

Sunday Olu Agbi, who is a Nigerian high commissioner has teamed up with Aussie coppers to create an "online reporting system". Australians who believe they have been targeted by a scam can report it directly to Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Police say this will greatly speed up investigations and solve the problem of victims not reporting scams to police because they are embarrassed or feel foolish. Professor Olu Agbi said the portal would lead to the arrest and prosecution of Nigerian scammers.

So far the co-operation between Queensland Police and the EFCC has led to the arrest of 10 Nigerian fraudsters and their assets will be used to repay victims. Last year, angry at the negative perception of Nigeria Professor Olu Agbi claimed that "greedy" victims were also guilty because the scams they are caught up in usually involve the promise of easy profits by committing crimes such as money laundering.

In a phone interview yesterday, Professor Olu Agbi said he stood by those comments but would still do his best to help any victims to retrieve their money, "whether you are innocent or not innocent".




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