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Posted: 7 years 9 weeks ago may be Flash-y and Air-y with photo-editing capabilities, but it surprisingly still seems to lag sites like Flickr and Facebook when it comes to various sharing features. For instance, only this week has Adobe launched video-hosting and group album capabilities (available for free accounts as well as paid), long available from its competitors.

There are some done-it-better aspects, however. For example, Adobe allows for larger videos: a maximum of 2GB vs. Flickr's 150GB/90 seconds. Of course, the more large videos you upload the closer it will push you to the 2GB storage maximum of a free account. As it's taking forever (it's up to about an hour and still hasn't completed) to process my short 177MB video, however--everything gets transcoded to Flash video--I shudder to think how long a 2GB file would take.




this sounds interesting!photoshop is also following the trend..but what are their add-ons?or do they have unique applications compared to facebook?

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