Continuous Power vs. Peak Power

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Posted: 7 years 9 weeks ago

Many brands on the market use misleading power efficiency labels or model names to confuse consumers. To make things crystal clear, Antec, the global leader in PC components and accessories, always uses “Continuous Power” on all our power supply labels.

Continuous Power and “Peak Power” are two very different standards, and unfortunately often misused. Continuous Power describes the real power a PSU can output continuously. This means that a PSU with 500 watts of Continuous Power can maintain stable, continuous output within the maximum load of 500 watts. A PSU with 500 watts of Peak Power, however, can only maintain such output for a few seconds.

Unfortunately, many brands on the market falsely advertise Peak Power as Continuous Power. Some will even mislead consumers by calling their power supply “MODEL-430W”, when the “430W” in fact refers to Peak Power, not Continuous Power. This is a dishonest and costly practice. The result? Misled users can experience overheating, short circuits and other damage with their new power supply.

Antec always uses Continuous Power for all labels and model names. Antec never uses Peak Power. When buying your new power supply, make sure to distinguish Continuous Power from Peak Power, and remember to choose a brand name you can trust. For over 20 years, Antec has proudly delivered Power you can believe in™, and will continue to lead the industry with honest, efficient, high-quality power supplies.