Live Show #17 - November 27, 2010

Show Notes

This show includes; Answering selected questions from, Taking questions from viewers on this weeks video review(s) (Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB 3.5" Hard Drive), Discussing If computer software & hardware companies cheat, & 3dGameMan T-Shirts, Showcasing the Crucial Active Cooling Fan, IMainGoX Portable Stereo much more.

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you need to get faster to the point otherwise it becomes a bit boring


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Yea, I'm still new at this live stuff, but I agree. In future shows I'll try not to go off-topic to much. This saves me time as well so I can get back to my own personal Saturday night ;)


Photoshop is $700 - $1000. I have been looking into purchasing it.

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When you use that 3TB drive, what is its actual capacity?

My 160GB HDD is really only 149GB and my 1TB is really only something like 939GB.

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If i'm corret it's about 2.72TB
They should mention it cause it's getting to be a big difference when you start counting in hundreds of GB...about 300GB difference in that case which isn't minimal, definately not the same as getting a 300GB drive and having 200MB less

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the difference between the stated and actual size is exactly the same no matter the capacity of the drive. it's procentual.

a 1TB HDD will actually give you ~931 GB of space, while a 2TB HDD will give you ~1862 GB of space or ~1.82 TB. in both cases you "lose" 6.9%.

but you actually don't lose anything. manufaturers calculate 1GB as units while computers calculate 1GB as 1.073.741.824 units.

it's like someone in europe making something 100 units long and when he gets to america everyone is telling him that what he made is only 39 units long. the object did not shrunk it was just measured differently.