Live Show #9 - September 24, 2010

Show Notes

This show includes; Answering questions taken from, Taking questions from viewers on this weeks video review (SilverStone Strider Plus 600W Power Supply & Lian Li PC-C50 HTPC Case) and discussing 3dGameMan T-Shirts.

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You should stop talking like a newscaster for your show unless it's a speech impediment!?


T-Shirt idea

make shirt design on there then people buy of your page


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True, and there are other t-shirt sites, but cost is high, like $30-$35, especially for quality black shirts. And I don't believe most are willing to spend this on a t-shirt.

So I might find a place to silk screen them and I'll ship them out myself. For payment, I would accept paypal and might setup a PO box to accept other forms of payments.


so i have a ice hd 4850 and u say it is no good i gess i lost 150$ u say it is good and now it is is shitty for no help i am out 150


4850 is good but old.