BitFenix FLO Headset

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BitFenix Neos Case

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SilverStone Raven RV05 Case

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NZXT Kraken X61 Liquid CPU Cooler

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Video Review: BitFenix FLO Headset



Video Review: SilverStone Nightjar NJ520 520W Fanless Power Supply


When it comes to fanless power supplies, there's isn't many to choose from. While the SilverStone Nightjar NJ520 is an excellent option and it's 520 watts, which is more than enough power for most quiet builds. It's 80 Plus Platinum with an efficiency of 89-92% and 100% modular. This is the ultimate power supply for a music studio computer system!

Video Review: BitFenix Neos Case


The BitFenix Neos Case is lightweight, affordable & comes in a number of different colors and looks great. Up to three 2.5" & three 3.5" drives can be installed, there are 2 5.25" drive bays, it comes with one 120mm fan, but two more can be added, has a USB2/3 ports and more. This case has lots of modding potential!

Video Review: SilverStone Raven RV05 Case


Like the original SilverStone RV01, the latest Raven case has the 90 motherboard mounting system. It's because of that the SilverStone Raven RV05 Case stands out. This design not only looks different, but it excels at cooling and optimizes space. This is one of the smallest mid-tower, but it still has ample room inside to install hardcore components; like video cards, ATX motherboard, ATX PSU, 4 drives and more. It comes with two 180mm fans and another optional 120mm can be installed or an ALC.

"According to a recent report from a Japanese website, at least one store in Japan has already began to offer DDR4 memory sticks, which should point to an imminent release in other countries around the world, as well. However, the first systems that will need DDR4 memory modules will get launched on the market only in several months, which makes the price of the memory modules be very high. Japan is the first country where DDR4 has went up for sale but it’s available for quite the price..."