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AMD slashes prices on select A-series desktop APUs


"Advanced Micro Devices this week quietly updated its official price-list and published the new prices of its A-series accelerated processing units. In addition to updating its official price-list, AMD also notified several web-sites about price-cuts on low-end models not listed at the company’s web-site.

Here's what's coming in the next Xbox One update


"Next month's system update for Xbox One brings a number of new features to the console that focus on personalization, TV, Twitter and more. Perhaps the most visible (and apparently most requested) of those new features is the ability to customize your Xbox One dashboard's background..."

"Yesterday, a Japanese man was sentenced to two years in prison for manufacturing 3D-printed guns. Yoshitomo Imura, a 28-year-old from Kawasaki, was arrested in May after posting a video of himself assembling his very illegal firearm to YouTube, which probably wasn’t the best idea on his part..."

NVIDIA 344.48 WHQL Drivers Available; DSR Added To Fermi & Kepler


"NVIDIA just released their latest driver updates today, bringing us up to version 344.48. These are WHQL certified drivers, and they're also Game Ready for several upcoming titles.

Giveaway: Giveaway #75: Antec Fall Giveaway


This giveaway includes: