Youtube Uploader with Timer - does it exist?

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Okay, my situation is that my internet upload speed is capped at 256k. Uploading a 500Mb to 1Gb HD video pretty much ties up the network to where other machines begin to stutter badly on surfing (or Netflix watching!), and an upgrade in speed means money which means not going to happen because I have tied everything the budget has for me into just having internet access!

So, my thought was to batch uploads at 2AM. I can write a macro to do this easily, but it would be much easier to just set up an uploader with built in timing.

Has anyone seen anything like this? I don't need resampling or packing or splitting, as I can master video directly out of Vegas to exactly what I want. I just simply need an uploader that can batch at specific times, and can be preprogrammed with title, description, tags, etc., so the video is fully live after it completes.


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