XP System Sound Problem

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OK I'm new to the forums and I wasn't exactly sure where to put this so forgive me for any errors... I've have a problem with Windows XP. I can play the system sounds from the sound and audio device properties, but they won't play when something actually happens and they're supposed to. It won't work with my Logitech USB Headset (With that selected as the audio output) and it won't work with my internal or external speakers (With Realtek HD Audio Output selected). All other sound (and I mean ALL of it. Games, YouTube, music files, you name it) works perfectly. Is there any chance that I might have to update my audio driver?

(Note: The sound was fine a few months ago.)

OS: Windows XP Professional SP2

Actual computer: Does saying iMac 7,1 tell you enough? (The sound also works under Mac OS X)

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Nehalem Xeon
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Update: I just reinstalled the sound driver. No dice.

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So the audio works, but the system sounds are not playing on events?

XP sound schemes don't work... hmmmmmmmm



Have you tried creating another profile to see if the sounds work there?

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dam xp always has this problem