Wow, need some help (malware, etc.)

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Originally got a virus malware, spyware combo.


Did a system restore after avg, spybot, and ad aware couldnt do anything. When it restored everything seemed normal except I constantly get malware and spyware. AVG did catch an infection and moved it to virus vault.

I downloaded Superantispyware as well which seems to catch all the stuff and delete them. Anyway, I got it all deleted then open IE and google links would redirect. I would run scan and delete gain. This process has gone over and over again.


Uninstalled IE and installed Firefox hoping that would help. Well, two problems. 1. My internet connection went out and now have to by pass router (I think it needs  restart but I'll do that in a sec.) and 2. links still redirect and get adware/spyware/whatever.

So the problem now is:

1. adware/spyware comes back over and over again after catching,deleting, and restarting even when using Firefox now. t first, clicking on links will work, then after next search it starts redirecting me and "jumping" me to other websites which i quickly close then run scans again

2. IE wont uninstall fully. I did it through control panel add remove programs but the IE folder is still there in program files and wont delete, saying it is in use by another program or person but I dont know what is using it.


Please help, I'm dyin here...out of ideas and dont want to reinstall windows.

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get a screenshot of all your processes running


check services.msc and check your msconfig.



edit: but once you get a virus that bad... just reformat.

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