Windows Live Essentials 2011 problem

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A couple of days ago I got a error code with my Live Messenger, so i decided to re-install it.
But now I can't install "Windows Live Essentials 2011", because when it's done installing it says:
"Done! Windows Live Essentials is installed. To start using Windows Live Essentials, click Close."
When I click "close" nothing happens at all. And I can't find any of the programs what so ever.
- I've tried rebooting several times before and after installing.
- I've tried downloading an older version of Messenger but that doesn't work either. It just says that there is a more recent version on my computer already (but I've completely uninstalled/removed every Windows Live program)

I actually only want a Messenger service.
- If you've got a link to a messenger that is compatible with my Windows Live contacts, please tell me.
- If you've had the same problem what did you do?
- Would it help if I totally rebootet my computer? (re-installing Windows)


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