Windows 7 not working

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hey guys

here is my issue, when i turn on my laptop it gives me a "Windows didnt boot properly last time you used it" or something like that. i then get two options boot normally or repair it. when i repair it, its just stuck on a screen, and it doesnt really seem to do anything. When i boot it normally it loads windows for awhile, then i get some kinda Bluescreen, and then it reboots, and same options as before. i tried the recovery, but same screen as the repair boot. i really need some help here.
Thank you.

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Did you change any hardware? What software did you last install?
Have you tried booting into safe mode?

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tap F8 if you can until you reach a screen that gives you boot options

select "Last known good boot"

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If that doesn't work, load safe mode using F8 at boot, load from the start menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore, and then select an automatic restore point BEFORE the system started acting strangely. Most likely, a driver update was corrupt and not detected during install, and this can ruin your week. System Retore files will contain a backup of the old driver sets.

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