Windows 7 Installation.

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Currently there is windows XP sp3 and was just wondering if it would make sense or just a waste of time. I have also been having some problems with disk space but this is weird since i had a lot more stuff on this machine before and never had this problem. So i taut that formatting the hard drive, partitioning it and intalling over the OS to start with a clean slate would be a good idea and well intalling windows 7 would be cool.

So i would like some help on if windows 7 will work on this machine with these specs:

Processor : Intel Celeron 2.53 GHz.
Memory : 1 GB Ram, 150 GB hard drive space.
Intel 82865G Graphics controller

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i think that it isn't a good idea to set win 7 on your machien windows 7 is around 13GB (it might be smaller in 32 bit) and uses more ram than the xp windows.
if you are going to buy a windows license than it might be more interesting to upgrade your hdd or cpu or so whit the money you would feel more difference.

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stick with xp. Win7 requires quite of bit of system resources. Once you upgrade your system then upgrade the OS.
XP is dated but it still works well. with a reformat and reinstall of the OS it will probably run like new again.

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I would stick with either XP on a machine like that or use it as a Linux box. You could download something like Ubuntu or Xubuntu and it will be very snappy. Windows 7 is a little more system bogging for a machine like that to handle.

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Cool thanks =)

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From the geek:

Yes, it will run. And pretty well. However, you are going to eat your hard disk just on the Windows install, and large programs (games) will NOT have memory to operate.

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