Windows 32 to 64 bit questions

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Currently I'm running on Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit. I am going to upgrade my PC from an LGA 775 system to the latest Socket 1155. I will be changing my CPU, Motherboard, RAM and PSU. The problem is not related to compatibility issues with 32-bit and 64-bit applications. The thing I am concerned about is what happens if I try to run an application that was registered to my old copy of W7 32-bit. I'm just not clear about this topic. For example if I bought a 3 user MS Office 2010, installed it 3 times on 3 computers, then when I upgrade my PC and change out the OS, can I still resintall MS Office 2010 onto it? Since I would waste one copy of it in W7 32-bit.

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Yes, you can still run all your 32bit applications in a 64bit OS. The beauty of 64bit is that it allows you to run both 64bit and 32bit applications whereas with 32bit you are limited to just the one.

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I've only come across one 32-bit application that absolutely wouldn't run in 64-bit. It was a GUI altering app, and the only reason it wouldn't run is because the 32 bit GUI files differed greatly from the 32 bit versions. Outside of that, everything I've ever installed has run great on 64 bit.

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The days of Windows 64 bit OS compatibility issues with 32bit software are long over. I've been running 64bit for a little over 2 years now and have yet to come across software that had any issues running. Honestly, you'd be hard pressed to find something that refused to work on Win 7 64bit, they've done a great job making everything compatible, I wouldn't worry.

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Yea, there used to be issues, but they are virtually gone now :)

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The only issue I ever had with 64 bit software is office. Some addons would not work with 64 bit office so I re installed with 32 bit office. Otherwise, 64 bit is awesome :D lets me use my 16 gb of ram.


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Everything will work perfectly, 32 bit and 64 bit don't really matter when it comes to running programs. The only main difference is 64 bit support more RAM (memory upgrades). I have 4 GB of Ripjaws Gskill DDR3 1600Mhz installed and I am using 50-75% of it on an everyday basis and my computer is starting to lag because of it, I will be adding another 8GB later on which isn't possible if I had installed the 32bit version of Windows.