What Linux distro do you use?

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I currently use Linux Mint 13 with Cinnamon. Looking forward to move to Debian, as Mint is kinda "Mactasic" to use. :P

But as for everyone else, what distro do you use or had used?

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I generally use Ubuntu as a "ready out of the box" distro when I need a Linux build. Currently I have two machines with Ubuntu 12 co-residing with Windows. It's very pretty, and in all honesty not the most efficient, but you pop it on and there's little to do to have it rigged for serious work.

My only exclusively *nix box is my server, which is now FreeBSD (FreeNAS 8.3.0) since the ZFS build there seems a lot more mature, and I prefer the headless design.

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Ubuntu Studio for me ;) ubuntu but with video/photo and music editing soft include in the box even in Live CD !!

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Ubuntu 12.04!

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Kubuntu 12.04! With KXStudio repository for music and multimedia creation. :)

I'm awaiting Steam for Linux to come out of limited beta testing now that I got fglrx loaded for my AMD A10-5700's Radeon HD 7660D and 8GB of RAM.

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Ubuntu 12.04 on the Desktop, 12.04 (with Gnome3) on the netbook and Debian on the server. I sometimes switch distro on the netbook to othe debian based stuff (crunchbang, for example).

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I have a few dozen versions loaded up on my MAIM box. Why? Are you interested in trying a different one?

I commonly use FreeBSD or Mageia.

If you need a compact Linux distro, try Crunchbang, ArchBang or DSL.

Otherwise, I mainly use Mint.

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I was introduced to Ubuntu and I like it a lot. I don't use linux much, but I always have it installed on my laptop so I can mess around with it when I'm bored. Trying to figure linux out and stuff.

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I've had this problem too (but only once in a while) usually I just log off and log back in again and the icons will show up again. I don't know of any really quick fix for it though.