What the hell just happened to my Windows...

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Ive been running vista on my desktop for over a year now and just this week it wasn't being itself. For some reason certain programs wouldent open anymore, i would double click them and nothing would happen, one day i noticed that there was only around 10 - 14 system processes running, instead of 30+ system processes.

its almost as if my OS was eating itself alive, finally this morning i thought a system restore would do the trick but nope, after i tried a system restore windows wouldent boot anymore, i have no idea what happened.

and seriously i was using the hell out of this computer this summer, but now im in college, i rarely use it as much and this is all i did, i went on youtube and facebook, played starcraft 2 and resident evil 5. thats all ive been doing on this computer, i havent been doing anything stupid.

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Possible that the hard drive failed or one stick of memory went bad.

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Maybe you're missing some critical Windows files or some went corrupted? Try doing a repair with the setup disk.