Virtual Memory while using 2 HDD

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Athlon x2 64bit BE-2400 2.6Ghz
1 GB DDR2 Ram
1x 5400 rpm HDD
1x 7200 rpm HDD

I intend to install Windows, software, games on 7200 rpm HDD and keep music, films, etc. on the slower one, but I am not sure on what to do with virtual memory. I have read a lot about it, but every website has it's own myths and laws on this topic.

- So, how big should my virtual memory be and on which of the HDD should I keep it ?

-Should I keep it on both ?

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On the faster drive. 4096MB should be enough.

It would be vise for you to upgrade your RAM; add a 1GB or 2GB module - your PC will feel twice as fast.

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I'd keep the page file at default, it reduces conflicts later on.

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Let Windows handle it at default. It allows flex and doesn't overload the system when it isn't needed.

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