Video Upload Help(move if necesary)

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i am using Firefox lattest edition, and every time i try to upload a video to youtube it gets stuck on 100 percent i will go into my videos(in a new tab) and it will say upload failed(aborted). I am getting very frustrated by this. i tried vimeo and it will say upload complete, but the video will never actually be viewable, and i tried uploading on both these sites with chrome, and i had the same results. just help me out please tahnks


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not sure if all all fails use ie

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Hmmm Try uninstalling Firefox and then reinstalling it. And by uninstall i mean use the EXE to uninstall it and then go into your Programs folder and delete the Firefox install folder....Then proceed to install it again.....I use firefox and have never had a problem uploading videos to Youtube.

Hope this helps