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heey guys just wondering whats a good video editing software for doing good effects and transitions and stuff like that i know there sony vegas or pinnicle but in your opinion what do you think? thanks in adavance

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I got a Kodak Zi8 a few weeks ago and have been having a hard time finding software that will handle its H.264 mov files.  I've just found Movie Edit Pro, seems like a nice program but a bit of a learning curve.  Finally got Windows Live Movie Maker working with these files, just started tinkering with it.  Not much there but better than nothing.

What I'm looking for is a video editing program that will import my videos straight from the camera, let me edit them into a movie, make a few transitions, title, credits, maybe add some music and sound effects.  


But here's the kicker, I want it to output the movie as a wmv file, widescreen but not HD.  I'm looking for the quality to be good enough for youtubing, but small enough filesize so it's pretty quick to upload.

Any suggestions? 

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Final Cut =)