To use Win7 or not? It’s hard to decide!

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Quite often you can see people ask“whether to use win7 or not? Win7 or XP, how to choose?”
In my opinion, suitable or not, XP or win7, it is depended on yourself. No practise, no right to speak. No matter what others say, they are just experiences of others, not yours. And the situation may be different when it happens to you. Now, to stall the system is not so difficult, why not try to install by yourself? Have a try, and you will find out which one is that you want.

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This is just a comment or a question? Are you asking for opinions?

What you say is true but there are some measurable advantages to OSes that show up in benchmarks and such.

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It is not hard to decide on XP vs Win7. Microsoft will stop the support of XP very soon, if not already. Windows 7 has all the latest drivers, security and hardware support. Just about everyone I have upgraded to Win7 has not bothered me this year with any viruses. I get at least one system a month that needs spyware removed from WinXP. If you are used to XP then it might take some time to become knowledgeable of how Win7 works, but it is worth it!

I'm having some difficulty trying to understand your writing style. :P

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I was used to windows xp and it didn't take me long to get used to windows 7. I loved the upgrade from windows xp as Tivon said it has the latest support etc.. I woudln't go back to xp as windows 7 is pretty much a newer version of it. In my opinion XP cannot fully support the latest hardware and software. It could pretty much cause a bottleneck in your system if your into upgrading your hardware etc.. I could be wrong.

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There is no reason to use XP these days, unless the machine is old as hell. Just get Win7. It's far better than XP.

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Windows 7 is such a great operating system. I love it! windows xp is also awesome. many old people like grandparents are still using XP on their ancient computers. I still have notebooks that use XP that I'd like to keep using as well. Actually I just googled it and all support for XP is slated to end in 2014.

Windows 7 is so good that anyone could use it and hardly anything should go wrong with their computer. It's a smart operating system. I have always watned my computer to smart and figure out complicated stuff so that I wouldn't have to. Windows 7 really delivers in that area. You tell it to do something, it does it. I will say it again. win 7 is the best operating system eeevvvver!!..... :D

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Windows Xp is a great OS but the exploits on it are many. go with windows 7

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Yea, no question, go with Win7.

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I think Vista is the best!

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Hey, I'm still running Vista on my primary rig. After the service packs, it's memory requirements and general functionality is almost identical to Win7. Many have found that the kernel between Win7 and Vista are nearly identical, and that they are in fact the same generation. Win7 just inherited all of the bug correction that Vista launched without.

However, going back to the talk:

Windows XP has no stable 64-bit mode (XP64 was largely unstable and has little driver support), which lends favor to newer versions if you are using software that has a 64-bit build.

In memory, as 32-bit Windows of any type can't have more than approx. 3.5Gb active, where 64-bit V/7/8 can have 16Gb active (or 128Gb on Vista versions higher than Home Premium, 192Gb on 7/8 versions higher than Home Premium).

And then there are size limits to hard disk partitions... also showing that XP is well beyond it's time.

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Personally I love Windows 7. Couldn't stand Vista, it was just too slow. Granted I wasn't running the best hardware but Windows 7 was a major performance increase on the same spec.