toshiba satelliteC650D icons accidentally hidden

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Hi...hopefully this question is in the right forum..if not...sorry.

My new toshiba laptop had this vertical row of black and white icons that popped up whenever I ran my cursor over them. After popping up all the time, and after moving them around from corner to corner, I got tired of them, right clicked them, and hid them. Yah, you guessed it. Now I don't know how to get them back. Apparently, the webcam icon was in there, and my kids are just a bit miffed at me for not being able to get that column of icons back.



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Not sure, as I usually terminate those "dock" programs and other junk to free up system resources. You should have an icon in the Start list, just find it, right click it, and select "Create Shortcut" and you can replicate it as a static icon on the desktop.

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