stupid mac os question.

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im a PC guy but my Girlfriend has a little mac book. anyways she has os x 10.6. 8 .... anyways i want to upgrade her os to the new lion one. preferably while shes sleeping so she can wake up to a cute gift :D

my only prob is i have never installed an OS on mac.. once i download the OS image what do i do next?

here is a piece of a thread.

Burn Using DVD-SL

• Disk Utility.
• Standard sized 4.7GB DVD.
• DVD+/-R SL Burner.

1. Mount the "Install Mac OS X Lion.dmg"
2. Open Disk Utility.
3. From the drive list on the left, select "Install Mac OS X Lion.dmg"
4. Click "Burn" to burn on your blank 4.7GB DVD.
5. When the disc is burnt, restart your computer and hold 'C' to boot from the DVD.
6. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Lion.

my whole thing is i dont want to burn to a dvd i want to just image it digitaly like i do on a PC... what program can i use for this?
also how would i install lion without deleting all of her files?

i want her to wake up to a new os not to a horrible whiped hard drive with some stupid OS on it... any help would be GREAT!

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