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i have a question. Say you were to build a pc and have an ssd for windows 7 and a hard drive for all your storage. Once you install windows 7 on the ssd, I know that when you go to install other programs, they will choose to install on the ssd by default because it has the operating system on it. Is there anyway to make it so the programs would choose to install on the hard drive by default? It's just, if you built a computer for someone with this scenario, they might accidentally keep installing programs on the ssd without knowing it. is there anyway to do this?

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How can I set Windows' default install directory? I have two partitions; one has windows installed on it and is much smaller than my other directory. Currently, Windows wants to install everything by Program Files folder on the drive that it is installed on. I would like it to, by default, use a different directory. Any suggestions? Also, I would like to set a different 'temp' directory as well. Thanks