Software to edit videos from kodak zi8 to put on youtube

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I want to be able to do jumpcut edits, like sxephil does kinda. I also want to obviously add a title and some form of graphics later when i get a hand of basic jumpcuts.

What is a program to use to make jumpcuts? I tried the kodak software, its horrible. i tried cyberlink powerdirector, but couldnt figure out how to do jumpcuts and it was really slow.

Any ideas?

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windows movie maker XD

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Actually a good one to use is a program called "Magix Movie Edit pro 15" If i recall it does the jumpcuts. And you can have lots of fun with it including Green Screen effects. There is a person on Youtube...User name "Skavaen" He use's that program, and is now even green screening. and he is getting better at it everytime.

Hope This Helps :)


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I don't have a CD to reinstall it. I already went to the links before and that is why I posted a question here to see if anyone can explain it in a better way. Thanks for the try though. Thanks..