Processes and Services (Needed or Not)

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So I was sifting through the task manager and msconfig....lookin at some stuff.

Currently I have 50 processes running...

Anyway, I saw ISUSPM which is an updater for installshield from what I researched. Can I disable that without any complications.

Also, for services (the services tab after typing msconfig under run), there was the Applemobiledevice and Ipod Service. If I stop these from running, when I plug in my ipod will I need to go back and make em run again for it to work?

Also, should these be stopped:

-Bonjour Service
-Java Quickstarter
-Task Scheduler

I know they don't HAVE to be stopped but I'm just trying to clean up some stuff...put alittle less stress on the CPU and such.

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This is a pretty good website you should check out.

if you are using XP or Win7 then go to the left hand menu and change it :)

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Every time I follow that Black Viper I end up disabling something that misses up my system. I'd keep your system services and just take a look at those other things like Apple updates, Quicktime and other BS like that does not really need to start up with windows.

Bonjour (mDNSResponder.exe)is part of Apple software.

“My Computer” “Add or Remove Programs” Locate Bonjour, and select “Remove”.

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