Photoshop: Mac or PC

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So obviously Macs are used for designing stuff, but does Photoshop run faster on a Mac? I know that the Mac version has some extra features and whatnot but since PC have faster hardware would a PC out-perform a Mac?

This question has been bugging me for awhile, I'm not looking into buying any Apple products anytime soon (or ever); I'm just curious.


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That's a time old question. In the past with RISC-based Power PC's I would have said Mac is faster, but not now. My older brother is a graphics artist and is forced to work with Macs. His custom PC with Windows is what he uses the most. He also uses software that allows windows to read Mac files. Other than that he prefers his PC because there are other programs that run better on windows like Corel. Macs cost so much and offer little upgrade options and all too often abandon hardware with OS upgrades that breaks software.

If you want a really fast PC for Photoshop you need these things.

1. 64-Bit Windows 7.
2. As much system memory you can buy such as 16GB or 24GB of DDR3.
3. Large cheap 1 or 2TB HDD are fine for backups, but for Operating system and custom swap file space I recommend at least 1 SSD (Solid State Drive). If you have a large wallet OCZ sells PCIe SSD's that hit the 850MB/s+ speeds.
4. Quad cores like Core 2 Duo are good, i7 or i9 even better, but software needs to be up to date. I say that because I know alot of artists that have no idea if their stuff is legit after years of torrents..

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