Netflix on PowerPC Macs

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Netflix is, on the computer, a browser-based video streaming service, using Microsoft Silverlight as the backbone for DRM protection.

Silverlight was very slow in being released for Mac systems, but despite the fact that Silverlight 5.0 has a fully capable Mac OS X engine for PowerPC-based systems (versions 1 was Windows only, version 2 through 4 were Intel only) the Netflix website STILL insists it must be:

-An Intel-based Mac with OS 10.4.11 or later (I'm a G4 PPC, but with OS 10.5.8)
-Safari 3 or highter; or Firefox 3 or higher; or Chrome 10 or higher (Running Safari 5, Firefox 3 [last generation for PPC], and Chrome is also Intel only)
-1Gb RAM (got it)

Now, I know, an older PPC chip isn't clocked properly for HD, however I can run MP4 videos in 720p pretty darn well through VLC or Quicktime. In all honesty, DVD quality would be sufficient, and the G4 can just whiz through that level of decryption.

Is it time for me to realize that my Mac is relegated to photo editing and nothing more? I'd love to have it running stuff on the side as a secondary machine, but I'm a little bummed how much the PPC is being shunned now. Thanks, Apple.

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