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I got a virus recently. Went on a tech support forum. They told me to use a program called combofix. It worked. Im still tryng to get rid of all adware, etc.

Anyway, it messed up my keyboard though (Logitech Access 600). Everything on the keyboard works except for the "special buttons". Such as volume wheel, music buttons, calculator, home button, mute button. I have no idea how to fix this. All I know is that it hasn't worked since running combofix which fixed the ntdevice virus.

Some things I could use help on:

1. How do I fix my keyboard buttons?

2. I have noticed some colored dots on some pictures/videos online on different sites. This was the start of a problem with my ATI 4850 which I sent back in and got a fixed one back from Visiontek. The temperature is around 61-63 degrees celsius when idle. Is that good and is there anything else I can do to prevent something from happening? I have already turned up the fan and I have the 10.9 drivers from ATI.

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Do you have the install CD for the keyboard? You can go to the Logitech website and download the drivers and software again. You probably need the SetPoint software installed to take control over those special buttons.

63C is a little hot for idle. What happens to most video cards is dust collects in the vents and blocks the airflow.

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The virus software possibly thought their might have been a virus or problem on the keyboards software or driver settings. And when the files where either deleted or moved into quarantine, they where prohibited from being accessed when needed.

Check for software or drivers, if there was no CD try the vendors website to find some.

That graphics card is quite warm for idle.

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