need help to wipe a hard drive

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ive been looking online for software to wipe my hard drive clean.i found Darik's Boot And Nuke i downloaded it and burned it to a cd like what it says on the site, but when i restart my computer it it starts up normally.

i went into the bios switched it to boot from the cd drive still nothing.

i would like some help with this if theres a better software. im installing a new OS with other parts this is why im wiping it. is it worth wiping cause of the new OS?

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You don't need to use DBAN to wipe the drive clean in order to install a new OS. DBAN is meant to be used as a security measure when you want to throw the drive away or sell it and you are afraid that your data might be compromised. All you need to do is wipe any or all of the existing partitions on the drive during the OS installation process and all the leftover data from previous installs will be gone.

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Correct. Any OS will give you the ability to re-partition and format during the initial portion of the install process.

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