Memory Hard Faults on New Rig

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Hi everyone,

I just completed a new build using a 3770K and 16GB of Crucial Ballistix Tracer RAM (1866MHz) and I noticed a large amount of hard faults on the resource monitor. I understand that this is where the system will grab files from the paging file instead of the RAM. 16GB is obviously plenty and I'm using an SSD so I disabled the paging file completely. When opening or closing programs the Hard Faults/sec graph will spike to around 50-100 and then come back down. Is this something to be concerned about? I am using W7 by the way.

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Hard Fault is simply ram that dicharge is data, it's completly normal if you use your computer to see that, as it need to page some data every now and then and it simply dump them of the ram, so that's the fault as the data no longer reside in ram... (even with no page file it dumps data except they go nowhere and disappear...)

I personnaly kept the page file as some programs need it and it's on my HDD...

PS: As long as you don't have BSOD or freeze, it's all ok ;)

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