IR reciever.....looking for software to sync universal remote

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i got alot of spare IR recievers that hook up to a normal headphone jack and im
looking to make it so i can sync my cable/universal remote to my computer using this.

i am looking to do this so i can easily control windows media player(or other media software) with the
remote without having to buy a blue tooth remote or something.

if there is no software things like this or if it wont work from what you see i say i have then
can you recommend a remote for computers that DOES NOT need to be pointed at a reciever?
(bluetooth seems to be the choice(but it CANT have those mini recievers....i seem to have issues with them))

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The cheapest would be a USB remote receiver, which typically will come with a dedicated remote.


These will work easily with WMP and Media Center, and most universal remotes can also work with the remote receiver under a "generic windows remote" profile.

To my knowledge, there is no software that will allow the audio inputs to work as a remote source.

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If it's just WMP you want to control the generic remotes will do. $14 here on Amazon or one with NetFlix function for $22 right here

Personally I always want to do more with the HTPC so I use a tiny wireless keyboard with a touchpad.