IE keeps crashing

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after i updated to IE 9 and restarted i cant open IE it keeps crashing when i click it. i tried reinstalling it from he updater from microsoft but it says "internet explorer did not finish installing"

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Go into your Control Panel, Software, View Installed Updates, remove IE 9 update, reboot, and then run Windows Update to re-download it.

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Another option is not to us IE, but FireFox instead ;)

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lol i agree IE blows, i use chrome

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Yeah, i use dragon/chrome for daily use (faster) and firefox for some add-ons cause firefox add-ons are really kick ass !!!

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I really like Opera mainly because of the speed dial feature but lately I'm using firefox more because Oprea has trouble running netflix and for some reason it lags when watching youtube and cant go fullscreen.

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Chrome has been a really good choice for frequent internet surfers it is always stable, no annoying update messages, and it seems to be faster then other browsers for me personally.

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Ie 9 is very buggy. It crashes all the time. I use Chrome mostly, but when I do use IE9 it always locks up and has to recover itself. Very anoying.

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Internet Explorer has many flaws and isn't secure at all. If I were you I would switch to MOzilla Firefox. At one time I swapped from Mozilla to using Google Chrome as my main browser but there were times where Chrome was unstable for me so now I am back to using Mozilla.