How do i permanently change %USERPROFILE% in the registry?

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I have really tried everything i can think of and researched so much for answers.

Please, i only formatted my computer 2 months ago and then this came out of the blue. I am about to start back at school and i dont want my computer to go bust. I need any help possible.

I wake up and i log on and what comes up is not what my profile I logged into looks like and so i figured that my comp had a quick lapse in ability like it had before that made it assume a temp profile because mine could not be found.

* So i log out and log back in. No fix. Open my comp check all connections. No fix. System Restore. No Fix.
* That's when i found out that i was in TEMP.ESM-01 login not Tarik but i clearly logged into Tarik so i ended up freakin thinking my files were gone. So then i checked and found that when i went to Tarik's docs through My computer it came up empty but when i go to Documents and Settings/Tarik/My docs its all there so "phew" i didn't lose anything but why am i not getting that profile to load?
* After looking at it all and doing some research i found out it has to do with roaming profiles yet i don't have a host network i connect to; i am the host. So finally i found something that may have fixed it and downloaded it from Microsoft called "User Profile Hive Cleanup Service".
* Didn't Work but what i did notice is that it creates and replaces the TEMP.ESM-01 Profile folder every time i log in with Tarik. So i guess it a profile that is being created because %USERPROFILE% is searching for a remote local or roaming profile that isn't there.
* SO i find things to redirect %USERPROFILE% or stop roaming or shutdown my network but nothing works and nothing comes up in my searches that really is clear. I look for shutting down Roaming Profiles in the Local Policies but its not there so there goes that idea.
* I look at the Environment Variables and change that the profiles are loggin into %USERPROFILE% and not into Tarik I even go into CMD and redirect the %USERPROFILE% but it reverts to TEMP.ESM-01 immediately.
* In the User Profile Settings It shows WorkGroup: ESM-01/Tarik Type: Local Back-up and another just like it but Local Local instead of Local Back-up. Back-up is 1.5gb so i figure its a more active profile and guess its my profile but now its a backup and why? I end up copying my Backup Tarik to the Local Tarik and it copies all my files over and sure enough it definitely is my profile.
* So after this i restart try to log back in and see even if it goes to temp it will have my profile settings. But instead it loads and brand new TEMP.ESM-01 profile and the other one is now named Tarik.ESM-01 so i cant even create a new profile. So i change the Workgroup name and i edit the settings to make sure its right and nothing happens.
* So my father thinks it cause my profile is too big and so the netowkr thinks i dont wanna download all that info or create a table of contents just to open a profile so it creates a new one so i cleared some space (38.7GB of downloads to be exact) and then restart and again nothing happens.

Unless this is a virus or some curse then i have no idea how to fix it but i believe it would be solved if i could manually change the %USERPROFILE% through the registry and get rid of my network and roaming profiles. I dont need a network atm so ill happily just have a plain internet connection.

I am running XP and have 4gb(3gb read) and a 3.2ghz AMD dual core and no problems ever except for virus's in the past and said once time profile missing problem.

To top it off and to give some more info csc.exe is failing to close now when i log off it says an error which ill post if i get around to it or if its important but i figure it is since csc.exe is part of the C# Compiler which is part of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Either way Please Help!!!

This is just so unfair to me atm since i have a hell of alot of bad luck going on in my life and one thing is going right and this will severely make it harder. Please stay away from the generic have you checked your drivers and just format your comp because thats not an option i would like to take. Please give me info if you suggest that.

Thank you for any help and i sincerely mean this when i say that i for the past 3 years have been meaning to donate im just seriously in debt and wish i could do something else for this great site/community.