how do i make my computer turn on at a certain time every day?

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my computer takes some time to boot up and it would be nice for it to be on when i get home how do i make automatically turn on at a time?

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You could place your system into hibernation and when you want to turn it on, it will quickly resume without having to fully boot up. Note, it is a good idea to routinely restart your system to clear out old processes.

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no i meant completely shut down and power up i seen macs do it

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Check your BIOS, some motherboards have this option.

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Two options:

1) BIOS clock capabilities, but this is most often only seen in workstation motherboards.
2) Power-on-LAN, where a signal can be transmitted locally or across the internet to the LAN (network) port to trigger a power-up. There are utilities for smartphones (Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc.) that can send this signal by remote, so you can turn it on 10 minutes before you walk in the door.

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You can use window's built in task scheduler to run a program at a specific time. There is an option to "wake computer up" when running that program so you would need to put it in hibernation mode in order for this to work.


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There are probably a few programs online that can do it for you. You would most likely have to pay. Then again some might be freeware. Google it. Also, if you stated your computer takes a while to boot up or load up i would suggest either getting more RAM or a new hard drive and going to msconfig and changing what programs load up when your computer now powers on. Msconfig is amazing for helping the pc speed up the boot time.