Help - Good Free Hard drive tester?

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For the past few weeks I have been getting the feeling that my 4 to 5 year old hard drive has been slowing down greatly and so, I'd like to test it before I decide to replace it,

Could any one tell me the names and or give me the links to good hard drive testers, to check the speeds and what not.... Thanks!

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HDTune is a harddrive benchmark utility to test the speed, but I don't think that's what you are looking for since those results shouldn't change over time.
Usually speed decreases over time because the drive gets fragmented too much; use a degfragmenter (Windows' own defragmenter will be fine) to optimize that. There could also be a lot of errors on the disk, and Windows' CHKDSK or Error Checking Tool will take care of that, or otherwise let you know how many sectors are beyond repair. A lot of bad sectors could decrease performance, which may ask for a new drive.

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Crystal Disk Mark is a very popular hard drive benchmarking tool. ITS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! For SMART tests I have used Speedfan's SMART tab.


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hd tune

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Right so I realise this is kinda an old topic but here goes.

Most harddisk companies release their own diagonostic software for their harddisks. They are mostly dos based and will do full diagnostics for you.

I only used this once on an old WD raptor and it was pretty cool and did its job well.

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I recommend the

It is a bootable CD ISO image with tons of Linux and DOS utilities (with bootloaders so you can run them live from the CD) for pretty much anything you need. Most HD brand diagnostic utilities are included.

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