Help? Find which folder is using the most storage software?

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I am trying to find a way to find out what folders on my computer is using the most amount of storage, I can't afford to get a new harddrive, I've googled and have found a few software programs but something likes this I feel falls into that grey area of, is it safe software or not safe,

Does any one know of a program or way to find out just which folders are using the most amount of storage that's safe to use or do?

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Well, looking at Windows file directory properties will show you the total file size of all subfiles within all subfolders.

Windows from generations back does have a Disk Cleanup program embedded. You can get to it via the control panel or by selecting the tools under disk properties.

For aftermarket, check out CCleaner:

CCleaner is shareware but fully featured while free. It's spam free and fairly simple to use, and will generally be smart enough to not delete critical files, plus you can roll back the last change.

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there is also TweakNow hd Analyzer

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[quote=Manic Mouse] It's free.[/quote]

I love windirstat, helps to visually see those large files eating up space that you might have forgot about.

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