Good tool for pascode locking external drive?

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MY pesky and extremely insecure Girlfriend is always trying to go through my things be in face book or my phone. lately shes been eyeing my external hard drive since she now knows my entire life is in there from 2006-now.

anyways Im looking for a way to lock the drive with a pass word or at least a folder inside there with a pass.
so far iv been using winrar pass word option but in order to do that you need to archive it and its not practical since i would like to enter those files and see them as i would any other file (picture previews, not having to unzip to use or see, ECT)

Also if it could be something that asks for a pass word for you to delete a file that would be great.

If anyone knows a program for this please let me know, dont care if i have to pay for it. My life memories are worth the $.

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I suggest you try "TrueCrypt" as you can create an hidden volume inside your disk so it's invisible and need a password to see it, you can also crypt the whole drive...

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Maybe, if she's such an issue, you just kick her out the door...?

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I hope she's got some overwhelming redeeming qualities...

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LOL... I was thinking the same thing.

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