External USB Hub transfer problem

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Hey everyone,

I recently purchased an external USB hub with 4 additional ports, connecting to the PC with a single USB cable.

The problem is, that when I plug a flash memory or any other device, it has trouble recognising all of the devices. Sometimes it just doesn't respond in any way when I plug in an additional device.

Other problem there is, when it recognises my flash memory, I can copy files to it from the PC, but can't the other way (from the memory to the PC). Why I think it's a software problem - I tried it on 2 computers running WinXP SP3, where it didn't work well, but when I placed it on a Laptop usind Windows 7 it worked perfectly with 3 devices plugged in at the same time.

I think there is some kind of a setting to limit the USB Port connections or something. It is not a power problem, since both Laptop and PC provided 500mA to the device.

So, I was hoping if you guys could tell me what the problem is. The USB Hub is this one - http://www.canyon-tech.com/products/companions/usbhubs/CNR-USBHUB6

Thanks! ;)

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Seems like that yeah, make sure there isn't any software or driver settings needed though their shouldn't be.
Check out the windows 7 power options there is a much larger amount of settings than any of the other Windows counterparts.
Many USB ports get overloaded due to more power being needed than what there is to provide. If you are using many of the USB connections it may overload and switch the port to USB 1.0 or even stop responding all together.

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