Cyberlink PowerDvD 9 Freezes when Started

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Whenever i launch Powerdvd 9 it freezes my whole comp for about 10-20 seconds, and while it's open certain actions i take with other applications, like for example Ventrilo,

if i go to the Setup of Ventrilo my whole comp will freeze, audio from iTunes (or other audio sources) still play

and only a alt ctrl delete gets me out of it, even then it will leave me on a black screen for about 20 seconds while it loads Task Manager.

Is this a known bug with windows 7? Also yes i am using a pirated copy, only because i needed to use a bluray with this software, which they don't include in their free trial version, this freezing issues is all that stands in the way of me buying it, i wont spend $99 if it will still freeze the computer.

Hope i provided enough info, and yes i have reinstalled it countless times, eventually this issue occurs, either right away or soon after a few uses.

Thanks all

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1. It's pirated and so I have to decline help and close the thread.
2. It's pirated so there is no telling if you have the latest updates and the program has been tampered with.

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