Computer Stress Test Programs

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Does anyone know of any free programs to test a computer's performace with? I found a free one called HeavyLoad and I ran the maximum settings on my XP SP3 system and my system told me it was creating more pagefile space to compensate. It seems to work faster now.

Here is the site page:

Please list any other freeware programs like this one if you find / know them.

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Sahand Kashani
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You can try OCCT. It is a very good program for stress testing the CPU, GPU, PSU ( don't do this if you don't have a quality PSU ).

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Andreas Hofer
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I use Furmark to test the performance of GPU-coolers ( and for stability I use [email protected] SMP and GPU client at the same time ([email protected]) while I watch the temp. and voltage with Everest Ultimate.
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