cant resume from hibernate

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dont know if this is the right place to ask

how come windows dont want to resume from bibernate, i get some error from a file called hiberfile.sys and load windows on new, i wonder why ,
i reinstalled windows twice since my last time windows got screwed with raid array

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I had this problem once, the following fix worked but the problem could be a number of things. Are you stil using a RAID?

"Run command prompt as administrator and type in

powercfg -h off

after that reboot the computee and open up command prompt again (same as above) and type

powercfg -h on

You should now be able to hibernate the computer and boot from hibernation without receiving the error message."

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You might also look at updating your BIOS and your chipset drivers depending on what OS you're using...?

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If you are running 32-bit Windows XP, you can see problems like this if there are bad sectors on the hard disk that the system attempts to write hibernation data to. Do a thorough disk scan. Windows Vista and Windows 7 both are more aggressive in maintaining the disks and will usually catch these problems before it effects the system performance.

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What Motherboard do you have?

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