Blu-Ray software SUCKS on the PC

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i dont know if its just sony vaio laptops only but NON STOP im getting a brand new error message everyday from the blu-ray player software im using (WinDVD).

todays error was some kind of piracy protection (dual display worked fine yesterday while watching avatar, but today it says illegal operation blah blah blah. it only works on monitor display not TV)

wow thanks sony, im litterly better off getting a pirated version of avatar HD to avoid piracy protection... that makes sense.

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try Cyberlink PowerDVD its wat ive always used and works great for blu ray

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you can try VLC media player but i use windows media player 11 and it works perfectly fine

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So are you connecting the laptop to a tv to watch blu-rays if so you need to use a DVI or HDMI cable and you need a monitor/tv that is compatable with HDCP.