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Hey guys,

My WD 1 TB HDD recently failed, sort of. It will read at a rate of like 1 MB/s or less. Crazy. It's been sending errors to SMART for a while, so I expected it to happen eventually.

I download GFI Backup to keep a, every-4-days, backup on my computer.

Now, I have my OS installed on my Hitachi 1 TB HDD which also has my backup on it as it was my backup drive (very healthy according to SMART). The WD was my Boot drive, but I only did a backup for data and not the OS.

I've attempted restoring the backup into a folder on my Desktop called (Original Installation) or something similar, however GFI backup just sits there saying "Extracting Archive" and nothing happens. The bar doesn't load.

The backup is around 200-400 GB's big, so I understand it will take a while to unpack, but simply nothing is happening.

Here are my questions:
1. What backup software do you use?
2. Are you happy with it?
3. Is anyone familiar with GFI Backup that can explain what I should do?
4. Or can explain where I should go to find out what to do?

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I actually don't use any software, just HDD in raid 1 for safety of my data as i already had some issue with some software like the ones you have now... Also i make copy of my important file to cloud and/or External storage (HDD, DVD, USB key, etc...) it simplify the processus (ctrl a; ctrl c; and ctrl v in the new folder) and is much convenient (you can use on any computer fast without compress/decompress your data) however it also need more space on the backup as no data is compressed...

As soon as SMART status is bad, i'd buy a new drive and copy all files/rebuild the raid array the sooner i can to prevent data corruption/lost or turn off the computer for the whole time i can't afford a new drive (raid 1 is supposed to be ok but i don't take any chance as i already lost all my files (like 1TB on 4 drive) and some of them will never be existing again...

PS: had bad experience with bundled Northon Ghost and Acronis (with this last program, my drive was already on SMART alert so it's probaly the drive that failed before my backup was finished) That's why i don't mind to have bigger drive and no compression as any computer can read/write on my backups. I also crypted all of my drives, so no one except me can see data inside and all my files remains safe under lock even in another one hands. If you want to do this, i recommend using at least a 256 bit AES key and if possible higher with some TPM chips that do as high as 2048 bits to ensure that nobody can "crack" it within some decades if it's lost or stolen...

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The backup software within Windows is fine and I've used it for years. However, since I bought a new 3TB drive for backups, I had to switch to new software because Windows Backup won't work with Advanced Format drives. I bought a license for Acronis True Image. It does an excellent job, has many options, and is very quick. I'd highly recommend Acronis as one of the best backup utilities available.

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Alright, thanks.

Yeah, I'm doing RAID 1 this time for that reason. I just didn't know how to do it last time.

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I use G4LL (Ghost for Linux Live) on the Ultimate Boot CD image. It isn't automatic, as I have to boot it up to do it's work, but I can replicate several partitions with everything embedded. It works very well in replicating the entire system directly to my FreeNAS server, and also made swapping drives because it can reload a backup, complete with partitions and boot sectors, directly to a new unformatted disc.

For general backup, I just use the Windows tools to the server, and the backup portion on the server drive is replicated off-site on Carbonite.

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