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Hey everyone. I upgraded all y stuff to Windows 7 Home Premium and I was wondering what the best Antivirus Suite there is. I used Panda Internet Security cause it was low resource hog, and the firewall was easy to setup and use. I haven't really looked into that much different suites and wanted something that was either free or cost money doesn't matter to me.

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I would have a look at some of the free anti-virus solutions, some of these are as good or better than the paid solutions. AVG, Avast, and Microsoft Security Essentials come to mind.

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I use AntiVir on all my computers. It's free, fast, and quiet once you turn off the annoying Notification screen (a problem you could google).

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Nice thanks Nilzxx, its good to see you are still around. Not sure where the rest are have not seen them since the forum change the layout.

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I use a combination of anti-virus' I use AVG Free antivirus and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware(Paid Version). Virus' are no big issue for me. So if I were you I would go with Malwarebytes for sure. There is a free version that is gets the job done too.

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Microsoft Security Essentials just installed this and think it is good.

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I'm also using Bullguard.

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