Which Heatsink should I get?

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I am down to 2 Heatsinks. The Prolimatech Megahalems and the Cooler Master V6GT; I am having trouble deciding on which one to get.

Based on my research the Cooler Master V6GT cools slightly better but sometime there are issues about its size.

The Megahalems on the other hand are easy to install but you need to get a separate fan for it.

Also the Megahalems are a little bit more expensive.

Overall, The Cooler master v6gt cools better but it's big and could possibly run into conflict with RAM. The Megahalems are easy to install but more expensive. What do you guys think?

Also I am worried about the weight and stablility of the heatsinks. Would they ever break the motherboard?

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If you are worried about case clearance, be sure to reference the specs in your manual or on the website. You could also manually measure it yourself. The V6 GT is the superior cooler, you shouldn't have any issues with weight as the backplate should secure it to your motherboard very firmly.