what do u guys think about the danger den into kit v2

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ive done alot of homework and people that i talk to recommend $800 to $900 water colling system but im new to it and i dont want to spend that kind of money when i dont know if its going to last. im also thinkin about water cooling the graphic cards i wanna get 2 nvidia gtx 460s in sli anyone know a good water block for it.

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If I hear you go on a good nice body, which has a hole to hide cables. Good cooler the air, and picture choose some nice appearance with standard coolers, because you do not spend money, the system will still be outdated in just a few years. Do the cables nicely in the nets and you will have the appearance of the housing extremities. I hope I have helped a little in the decision. Cheers:-D

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If you want to watercool your graphics cards, build it from scratch. You don't need to spend $800-900. To tell you the truth, the Intro V2 is good for learning the basics of watercooling without breaking the bank, but it's not all that great.

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