Water Cooling For i7?

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Does anyone know any good water cooling kits, or parts for the i7 that doesn't exceed 1000$$? Thanks!

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Closed loop watercooling: Corsair H50

Custom watercooling: Check out Danger Den and Swiftech

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you should either check out some closed cycle water kits such as the Corsair H50 or maybe go for a custom water kit that would best meet your standarts.
in any case, the price wouldn't exceed 300$ unless its somthing like nothing else. lol why would you want to spend 1000$ on a CPU cooler?!?
if you have so much money to spend on water cooling, i'd get a great CPU cooler and a great GPU cooler. also make sure to have an outstanding radiator and get 2x120mm fans to cool that radiator (make sure that the fans have atleast 130CFM)

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