Video Card Liquid Cooling

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I'm not new to liquid cooling, I understand the basics but I've never used it myself because my air cooled system is running just fine temps but I have a few questions about it before I decide to jump in.

If you add a video card block to your loop wouldn't that just pull all the hot coolant from the video card and dump it on top of your hot video card? I never fully got why this works.

Also wouldn't it be worse if you have multiple GPUs on one loop?

Would it be better to separate your video card from your CPU? For example my CPU cooler is doing a great job of keeping my CPU cool but my stock GPU air cooler (260 GTX) is piss and doesn't cool for crap. Would it make sense to put my GPU on a water cooler and keep my CPU air cooled?

My rig is:

Intel Q6600
CoolerMaster CM690 with 6 of 7 case fan slots used
CoolerMaster Hyper N520 CPU cooler

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When doing water cooling it is better to have a separate loop for cpu and gpu but its not necessary. I'm running a single loop with a core i7 920, and a 4870x2 cooled by a 3x120mm rad. It works great! I dont get the best temps on my parts but it is far better than stock cooling.

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What i would do is get two separate rads one for the CPU and one for the GPU and make sure the rads have a good wattage rating on them or else the loop is not work that well.

Res>CPU Water Block>First Rad>GPU Water Block>2nd Rad then back to res. that might help. if i had an actual diagram made i could help you out more

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yeah , one rad for CPU and chip-set ...
and one for your video card .
or if you want :
one big 2X 120mm or even 3X 120mm Rad, you GPU and CPU ...

because a water cooling setup gonna cost you like 200$
so why not water cool the CPU in the same time ?