Top 5 the best cpu cooler

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1.Cooler master v10

2.Thermaltake CL-P0456

3.ASUS Royal Knight

4.Cooler master v8

5.Thermaltake spin Q

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you're missing the TRUE and Nocuta NH-U12P, unless ThermalTake is paying you and/or you're an employee of ThermalTake.

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I'll have to disagree with you there but I tend to go for more of a bang for your buck approach. Any cooler over $40 is too much for me and my budget builds although you do have some heavy hitters, both in performance and in money.

3Rsystem Iceage 120 Boss II - It costs more than $40 but man, what numbers. It bests the Titan TTC-NK85TZ and TRUE by at least full degree and 1 full decibel on Frostytech!

Xigmatek HDT-S1283 - what can you say about the Xiggy's? They do their homework.

Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer - probably the most under appreciated heatsink.

Scythe Mugen 2 - BIG but posts good numbers.

Arctic Cooling Pro 7/64 Pro - dirt cheap but performs great and is pretty silent to boot.

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ermmmmm the H50 isn't on the list at all? i've seen it out perform the v10 on few cases :l

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I can already tell you that most of these monsters all fall in about the same performance range plus of minus a degree or so for the speed of the fans.

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Cooler Master V10 FTW.


yah dont forget the new Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler an the corsair H50, the TRUE and the Prolimatech Megahalems. those along with the V10 are the best!

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Those are some WICKED coolers! The V10 is a beast!

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I'm gonna throw the Xigmatek Dark Knight in there.

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lulz, someone did not do their homework last night. AGAIN! Please consider my fact before posting in some more BS of yours?

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I disagree with the SpinQ completely having used it myself for almost a year.

There's so much wrong with it I don't even know where to start. First the mounting bracket is just some cheap plastic clips, the same that are on all intel stock coolers. Because of this it was a royal pain in the ass to install on my 790i board. The larger northbridge heatsink kept getting in the way. Heaven forbid on of the clips gets knocked off during transport.

Second: The fan is stupid loud and very ineffective. Also the whole body being aluminum it's not very good at heat transfer. It kept my Q6600 at stock speeds a nice cool 42c at idle and 52+ under load.

I don't mean to piss all over your list but I just want to stop someone else from making the same mistake as me. Now I'm running a CoolerMaster Hyper N520 and I haven't looked back since.