Side fan direction?

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I cannot decide if my side fan should be exhausting or intaking air. My setup seems different from others, my case is a Cooler Master Storm Scout, it has 4 case fans. The front fan intakes and the top + rear exhaust but those 3 fans do not blow much air. The side fan I bought has 3 different power settings and even the lowest is faster than the other fans. The reason it is a problem is because my power supply is mounted on the bottom and bringing air in but it is slightly warm and the fans on my 2 Radeon HD 5670's re-circulate the air inside the case and do not push it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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its better to fight the hot air with cold air then make a sad attempt at pulling the hot air out. no matter what you do with suction, heat will still prevail.

make it intake

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Also consider replacing the stock fans if possible, because if the fan you bought is faster on slow than the stock fans than more of those would improve air flow